CAG asks defence ministry to carry out a study on disability pensions

The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has requested the Union defence ministry to perform an evaluation of the motives of incapacity amongst infantrymen at the lower back of its locating that nearly 40% of officials, and 18% of employees under officer rank (PBOR) who retire each yr are drawing incapacity pensions.

These information emerged after the countrywide auditor tested incapacity pensions allotted to military employees who have been discharged from carrier among 2015-sixteen and 2019-20.

“The percent of employees retiring with incapacity to the full retirees ranged among 36% and 40% in case of officials, and among 15% and 18% in case of PBORs,” the CAG stated in a record tabled in Parliament on Monday.

A scientific downgrade following a incapacity entitles a soldier to higher retirement advantages. On an average, for the identical rank, a incapacity pension may be 20% to 50% extra than a regular one, plus the profits tax exemption.

The CAG record stated that a few of the military officials who have been granted incapacity pensions, the share of these from the scientific wing changed into notably better. It additionally flagged worries approximately incapacity pensions being presented due to life-style illnesses together with diabetes and hypertension.

“Further, 22% and 13% of the incapacity pensions granted to officials and PBORs, respectively, have been completely at the grounds of life-style illnesses. The ministry can also additionally make certain that whole database with all applicable facts is maintained to perform an evaluation of the principle motives of incapacity, along with life-style illnesses a few of the defence forces, for feasible corrective action,” the record added.

In December 2014, the military`s senior-maximum health practitioner stated officials nearing retirement have been abusing incapacity advantages for better and tax-unfastened pensions, caution approximately the “alarming fashion” of really healthy officials exploiting the welfare degree via way of means of getting themselves positioned withinside the decrease scientific class.

“I would really like to apprise you of an alarming fashion evolving withinside the offerings in regards to claims for incapacity pension being favored via way of means of senior officials of the rank of lieutenant wellknown and main wellknown, and their equivalent,” Lieutenant General BK Chopra, then director wellknown of Armed Forces Medical Services, stated in a letter to the defence secretary.

“These senior officials, who've stayed in Shape-1 scientific class in the course of their careers, unexpectedly present (themselves) with illnesses…on the fag give up in their carrier,” stated the conversation dated December sixteen, 2014.

Officials then stated the claims for incapacity pensions shot up notably withinside the years following the implementation of the 6th pay fee record in 2006 that greater advantages.

“A specific scrutiny of information confirmed that earlier than 2006, hardly ever any pinnacle officials claimed incapacity pensions. But via way of means of 2015, approximately 21% of them have been claiming it. If a person has a incapacity, they need to claim it in advance in carrier and now no longer some months earlier than retirement,” Chopra had in advance stated.

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